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Virgin post.

I always hate that first post when you have no idea what to say. Like, everything you originally type sounds uber-corny and you end up deleting everything five times before you finally say eff-it.

I'm Ashley. I'm seventeen. I start my senior year this upcoming friday. I weigh a little over three hundred pounds.

I'm hoping to lose 125 overall. I'm not setting a date, I don't want to be restricted by that. I would like to have lost at least 50-75 lbs by this time next summer, possibly sooner. I know it's going to take a while, so basically i'm restricting on what I eat. I'm going to get some vitamins, I'm really worried about not getting everything I need, but I'm not going to start throwing up after meals or not eating at all. /laughs/ and NO MORE COLAS. Evil they are, so only water and green tea.

& exercise.. gawd.. that's so tiring to say.

So.. I have a few questions.

1)What made you decide to start to lose weight? Describe the moment of epiphany that you had.
2)What's your favorite food (that is good for you, and that you think I might like)?
3)& what's your favorite type of exercise?
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