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hello! just found this community today so i figured id join.

i have a terrible habit of eating out of boredom as well as eating larger portions than i should and eating a huge dinner and then going to bed. i suck. :(

im 24
and last time i weighed myself over a year ago, i was 235 pounds.
im sure its more now.

id like to get down to 150 or even 130.

im considering keeping a meal journal and writing down what i eat, how much i eat and at what times i eat. that may keep me from eating late at night, or eating huge portions.

i went with my hubby to the gym a week or 2 ago and got so upset that i insisted we leave. the gym was full of these gorgeous thin healthy people and i was the only fat one there! :( everyone was looking at me and i just hate being stared at! it was terrible.

im all out of words now...but yeah, just joined, looking for some support. thanks!
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