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Okay, well seeing as I'm down to like 225-230, I've been happier..even with all this bloodwork bullshit I'm having to do lately.

Anyways, there's a guy on myspace that lives 3 hours from here & his sister lives here. We've all been talking for like 2-3 weeks. The only reason he's there is because he's on army duty (he leaves for Iraq NEXT month ;/). Well, he is the very first guy I've met online & yeah, I met his sister & his friend too.

They chilled out here last night & well, we had a great time because they were drinking (not me though) & he was just funny. Anyways, his sister passed out at like 1am so we all went outside till 5am & by that time I was like about to fall asleep. Well, he offered to tuck me in & ended up cuddling with me, right?

Anyways, this morning we woke up & started making out & things kind of went a little further...not sex, but a foreplay. I know you all are thinking "WHAT A SLUT", but I've not kissed a guy since I was like 14 & I AM A VIRGIN (due to my weight mostly because I was uncomfortable.) He kind of did & didn't want to go all the way because we just met like yesterday evening & I'm honestly afraid I guess of being judged. I didn't even wanna do what we did, but we did. It was like you know in a bed, you couldn't really not do it because it felt so right. Anyways, tonight. All four of us are going out to dinner & then to a movie. And I think he's gonna stay the night again. I don't want to make a mistake, but I am a 19 year old virgin & I like want to do it. I know people say "don't rush in", but he's just so enjoyable & respectful. He didn't pressure me or anything. It was just great to be somewhat intimate for once in my life..
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