gastric_surgery (gastric_surgery) wrote in anotherfatchick,

Test Results

Okay, I went back to my doctor for my results. Although she hasn't gotten back the results from the heart ultrasound..the blood work showed that my liver enzymes were a little high. So now, I am scheduled for a liver ultrasound on Tuesday. Tomorrow, I have to go get one of those 24-hour heart monitors that you just attach to your pants. This is because of my low heart rate that I've had & my past family history. My dad's mom died from sudden death because of her heart. She also wants me to go see a cardiovascular doctor after I get the results back, IF they're bad.

My sister got on a site & it said that high level of enzymes of the liver are caused by bypass surgery of the stomach & one way to fix the problem is having it undone. THAT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.

I'd post the link, but the papers are in my car & I'm too lazy to go get them. Anyways, I'll update when all the results are in.
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