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why can't people be nice?

Does anyone else want to eat like crazy when someone is rude to them?

My Day: Sucky lj communities moderators being rude to me. (other than that, it was GREAT)!

Today, I started my livejournal. I was on blogspot before, but decided to try this one on for size. I joined several healthy weight loss communities to help me stick to my health plans for this year. I want to get down to 125-130lb. Unfortunately, when I posted my introduction to 2 of the groups I was rejected. The first groups moderator sent me a slightly rude email stating that since my lj was new, and I was talking about the patches that I used to lose weight last month and linking a place to buy them, it was considered a spam. The second groups moderator sent me an uppity note about how my weightloss goals were unhealthy and my use of the patch is unhealthy. I think some people shouldn't be so judgmental, and for that matter should do their research before making statements about other people and products as if they are facts. The patch is all natural and is as dangerous as a cup of herbal tea. It has no ephedra at all and they don't know anything about it! As for me supposedly spamming to get people to my site, I said people could go to see my before and after pictures, and that they didn't have to look at the rest if they didn't want to. I was just proud of my weight loss and wanted to show off my photos, that's all. I don't think anyone really needed to be rude to me. Regarding my weight loss goals, if you consider the fact that I have tiny bones (5" wrists give you an idea)? 125 is quite fine for me! I think that the most cowardly thing of all was that neither of them gave me a chance to reply to these accusations. Oh, I tried, but my responses would not post. How rude is that???
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